Blister Packaging

Blister PackagingBlister packs have been a popular choice in packaging for many years, providing a cost-effective means of effectively displaying a product line.

Besides providing custom blister packaging and sealing solutions, SouthPack also offers gang runs and stock blisters for a great looking product at a reduced cost.

We use a variety of blister types, including face seal, trap, mock, interactive and slide. Our solutions are also available with multiple blister sealing options like SBS, E flute, Tyvek, which provide you with a cost-effective and great-looking product.

To get the latest list of available stock blister packs, contact us or call 888-SOUTH03 (888-768-8403) today.

A blister package is made up of two separate elements: a transparent plastic cavity shaped to the product and its blister board backing. These two elements are then joined together with a heat sealing process, which allows product to be hung or displayed.

Blister Types

  • Face Seal
  • Trap Blisters
  • Mock Blister Packaging
  • Interactive
  • Slide

Blister Packaging Advantages

  • Cost Savings
  • Clear Product Display
  • Theft Deterrent
  • Tamper Evident
  • Product Protection

Blister Sealing Options

  • Blister Cards (SBS)
  • E Flute Blister Cards
  • Tyvek Backing
  • Foil Backing

We also offer sustainable packaging solutions for environmentally friendly companies.

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Blister Packaging Gallery

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